We have been steadfastly independent for over 25 years. Capital Advisors, Ltd. has no competing corporate ties to financial institutions, investment managers or investment banks, resulting in only one overarching goal: to serve our clients by providing objective, comprehensive advice concerning their entire financial affairs.


We subscribe to the Financial Planning Process: identifying and establishing financial goals, analyzing data, as well as developing, implementing, and monitoring strategies. Clients' financial affairs are interconnected and interdependent. Treating them in isolation tends to result in fragmentation, disintegration, and redundancy. We consolidate and integrate our clients' financial affairs, organizing them into understandable, detailed, yet summarized information so that they can understand the interrelationships of the component parts. This permits us to mutually uncover problems and opportunities while we develop, implement, and manage solutions.

Consensus Building

As a financial gatekeeper, when requested, we remain available to collaborate with our clients’ other advisors in order to create synergy, simplify and streamline the process, and consolidate viewpoints. This greatly increases the probability of successful outcomes, while often simultaneously curtailing the associated fees.

Financial Social Work

Social work and financial planning are intertwined. Social work seeks to improve quality of life and enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families. We have always valued and respected the role that human factors play in the financial planning process, and firmly believe that their consideration and incorporation are required in order to develop well-defined goals and objectives. We have seen how ignoring these emotional and human drivers can result in a predominantly legalistic and tax-driven plan, which seldom produces satisfactory outcomes.

Proactive and Responsive

Our job is to provide the perspective and vision required in order to implement prospective plans that account for both current conditions and future possibilities. All client matters are always treated with a sense of urgency. Our clients know they can expect prompt responses and follow-up to all inquiries and requests.

Key Facts
  • Founded in 1991 as an independent, privately owned wealth management firm.
  • Dedicated to the Financial Planning Process, providing clients a fully integrated and comprehensive view of their financial affairs.
  • Our team has over 230 cumulative years of experience in the wealth management industry, an average tenure at the firm of over 16 years.
  • Firm members hold 20 professional and industry credentials.
  • We are fiduciaries. Fiduciary duty carries with it the highest standard of care defined by the law.
  • Our proprietary, customized financial pro forma, CFM Horizon - Financial Road Map gives clients a top down view of their financial affairs.